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  • Crubitz

    The synopsis is for another anime not To Love RU Darkness.

    • Overlord


  • Robin Leo

    the uncen not yet out right?

    • Overlord

      There will be no uncensored until the Blu-rays come out.

  • Fore

    umm… w8 its already complete? I’m confuse…

    • A normal person

      What’s there to be confused about???

      • Fore

        weren’t there suppose to be 14 episode?

        • A normal person


          • Fore

            already search in google seems to be we’ll just have to w8 till 28th oct… for the one-hour special.

  • Uchiha_Rito

    When will they’re gonna release the uncensored ? Pls help.. Thanks.. I wanna know.. >_<

    • Uchiha Madara


  • Jigoku

    episode 6 missing.. pls fix,thanks

    • Rezeroth

      Fixed, enjoy

    • Rezeroth

      Fixed, enjoy

  • jojo

    Episode 4 link is ep 1 :(((

  • jamm00

    Links down
    Ep 3 on MF
    Both 5 – 14