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Current Administrators, and Encoders List
SHaTO! – Founder

Lone7Wulf – Head Admin
Iaanthony – Admin
Rezeroth – Admin

Albertius84 – Chat Box Incharge!
Falaaz1191 – Social Media Publicizer

Off-duty: Zeref17, KuroSakura, Syncro9(llyyr), GhOsT, Megami, Nyandere, King San and Demon8796

Most of these staffs are busy with their personal lives.
Hopefully they will be back once they get free time!
We thank them for their hard work and hope they could work with us again!

[Guest A2E Authors]

[A2E Hall Of Fame]
Syncro9/llyyr (Admin): qt faggot.
RandomRoots (Admin): The first admin, honored for huge contributions and great support.
Iceryx (Admin): Honored for huge number of contributions.
Asad (Admin): (Not) Honored for just being there.
ShiroXIIII (Co-Admin): Honored for great support in good number of anime contribution
Sh4deS1ayer (Encoder): Honored for a huge numbers of anime encoding and uploading.
OldSchoolz (Encoder): Honored for a huge number of anime encoding and uploading.
Yonathancity (Encoder): Honored for a huge number of anime encoding and uploading.

Thanks a lot for helping us to come this far!
Without your support, we may not have come this far.
You are always welcomed to come back and contribute to site whenever you want.

We are always looking for more encoders and uploaders.
If you think you are fit for the job, do contact us at the chat!
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