• Himawari

    What happen with the site??

    • Shato

      We are upgrading Server .. Its in maintenance mode.. Will take a few days to fix all up!

      • D’mon

        I personally appreciate all your efforts,. so grateful someone told me about this site. Thanks for the upload!

        • Zeref

          You’re Welcome! please spread the site! 🙂

  • animefanzdotz

    Pls upload episode 3-6. Thanks.

    • Shato

      Ep.3-6 Re-uploaded — ENjoy!!

  • Urayamu Nana Tsumi

    please add the missing episode.

    • Shato

      Missing Episode Uploaded — Enjoy !! 😉

  • Raymond

    where is episode 3~6 ? @@”

    • Shato

      Ep.3-6 FFF Uploaded — Enjoy!!

  • Kami Nii-sama

    Please Upload 3-6 eps FFF

    • Shato

      Ep.3-6 FFF Version Added ~V

  • imrulbd

    When I try to download from the above link ep 9-12
    It always open this link:
    What should I do to download from the above link..
    Plz give a solution to bypass the cpv.li link.

    • Shato

      All Links fixed — Enjoy!!