News: Fairy Tail (TV) Series Relaunched Confirmed!

Relaunch of the Fairy Tail TV Series has been given green-light.

Original manga creator Hiro Mashima  had asked fans in March to wait until he can announce some “good news”

Since the first television anime adaptation of Fairy Tail ended that month.
Mashima added on Twitter at the time, “It’s actually not over yet. I can’t say more than this, but I hope you watch the rerun starting in April and wait for the day I can announce some good news. Anime is not the end. Don’t stop believing.”

The series concluded with a “To Be Continued” title card. 
Mashima also asked fans in English on June 7 to “please wait until next week. You will be surprised.”

Here is what the author tweeted July 11,2013
— which Brings back the Beats on the Broken Hearts of all Fairy Tail Fans!
— Which can be Roughly Translate As Bellow —
“FAIRY TAIL anime new series confirmed (continued) decision. It is thanks to the support of many of you. Thank you.”