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Naruto: Shippuden | ナルト- 疾風伝


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  • srujay

    when will 397 will come

    • Lone ローン

      Posted, matey.

    • Lone


  • istiaqamaruf

    Episode 402, Download link: Solidfiles. Problem: that link got another anime on it. (Just to let you know)

    Ive already downloaded it using Mediafire’s link. Thanks for the link though.

  • Theuns Swart

    When will 403-406 come?

  • Jonah Souici

    wondering when the next episode will be !!

  • melshan45

    please fix 424 on mf…?

  • MIN

    can anyone please fix pre-397 files? please?

  • MIN

    351 – 380 links are not working. 🙁

  • mokomoko

    Please reupload 489 mega dl link

  • Puppy Dogs

    thank you so much broo 😀

  • Firdaus Halimi

    Hi, do you have links from episode 1-361 ?

  • Keimer

    Thanks, but where are the other ones?

  • Mohamed Hesham

    do you have links from episode 1-361 ?

  • Shynn

    i got all the episodes lol its actually 1-720 episodes, from start to end of naruto series

    • Beasty Lion

      Shynn could you provide me with episode 161 if its in HD plz
      I would really appreciate it ^_^

      • Shynn

        not sure.. my internet connection is kinda slow. i can put it into dropbox. BUT i dont think it is in HD, if u still want it that is, do provide me ur episode 160 title, just to make sure i am uploading a correct one. do note that the subtitle is going to be in chinese tho

  • Jonah Souici

    the episode 161 is deleted! could you re-upload it plz
    I would really appreciate it ^_^