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  • Secret

    Where is episode 17?

    • Lone

      Not yet out by Chyuu.

  • Ronk

    no updates for this series? it’s on ep 19 atm tho…

    • Lone

      I am waiting till Chyuu releases it.

  • Lone

    No updates for this till Chyuu releases the episodes.

    • popo

      why not look for other sources ?

      • Lone

        Other sources ain’t good enough for me. Also, I’d like to provide the highest quality subs to you guys.

        • Renzoku Rentou

          its been 2 months already, please use another subs,,,,please…

  • Eishiro Sugata

    use FedSub please 🙁

  • Overlord

    Finished the rest of the episodes. >_> <_< Don't judge your resident Grammar Lords.

  • riza

    18 and 23 dont work, please fix

  • Bob Le Blob (The Lord Of Swag)

    the link is dead 🙁