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  • zzzz

    link dead

  • zzzz

    got link violation from

    • Asad

      Will soon be fixed , have patience please

      • zzzz

        thank you 🙂

  • rakazzt

    can you re-upload this anime?
    it’s okay if you can’t i just want a answer

  • jp6641

    I have Darkness but would also like these episodes as well, can someone make a torrent file?

  • kuyapasaway02

    aw >..< please fix it please T_T

  • kuyapasaway02

    dead links T_T

  • jp6641

    please re-upload, i have darkness but not this one from a2e, please please. 🙂

  • dksdlrwls0223

    all links are dead