• []

    dude, where’s episode 7?

    • 3vilicious

      its up 😀

  • Tri Khairul

    did linkshrink web is offline, I can’t access it

  • Jonah Souici

    Hi I just wanted to report that episode 10 is unavailable 🙁

    • http://anime2enjoy.com Shato

      Other links are available use them. Also new Mediafire link added just click the download image!

  • Cruxel

    why cant i open up the download links?? i cant open all of them

  • aq peta

    pliss use file hosting
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    – google drive << fullspeed, ,,etc

    pliss use it #Onegai 😀

  • http://anime2enjoy.com Shato

    Backup mediafire links added .. Click the Download Image to Use them. Enjoy!!