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  • https://yasuo07.deviantart.com Yasuro

    Wrong file name for Episode 08 in solidfiles.
    It is named as Episode 09 not Episode 08.
    Please fix.

    • Chaos

      Nope, episode 8 is actually missing. The file in ep 08 is actually ep 09. Ep 08 is about the sports meet.

  • Dark

    When you would Upload Episode 8, 10, 11,?

    Please tell me If you wouldn’t upload anymore.

    I will search from another site(before they got DMCA).

    • http://anime2enjoy.com/ Lone

      I will upload it tonight. C:

      • Dark


  • Andrew

    Will episode 12 be uploaded?

  • Shaay

    Hmm? Why is there no episode 12?

  • Dirham Okta Raizal

    the linkshrink of episode 12 all lead to google
    please fix them

  • Dirham Raizal

    all links of episode 5 is broken