• Kami Nii-sama

    Upload the episode 2 on mediafire

    • Shato

      Done — Enjoy! 😉

  • ahrie

    Hmmm 3 days late for episode 11

    • Shato

      We can’t do anything unless it comes out late – We do as fast as possible. So Please Wait patiently — Thanks!!

  • Anime4Life

    Can u pls post the download links on adfly i dont know if it is just me or other people face this also but there are times that shortest links say server error or Failure to connect to web server u dont have to do this if this will cause you problems I know you have a lot of concerns I appreciate your efforts

    • mattsquaaaared

      I have the same problem too. The sh.st link wont load and when it does, a video downloader link will appear and it downloads the software instead. I’ve tried it many times and it still won’t work. Please fix it if you have time. Thanks for always uploading anime btw. Cheers!

      • Shato

        sh.st did some maintenance last week — That time you all faced those error — all fixed now — Have fun!!