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  • maindish

    all links are removed please re upload all

  • Dearest

    i want to watch this anime again reupload please thankss :3

  • Hello =D

    All links removed

    • Shato

      Re-uploaded.. EnjoY!

      • Hello =D

        Thank you so much <3

  • Katsura Kotaro

    Re-Upload this link to Solidfiles :3

    • Shato

      Re-uploaded to Solidfiles. Enjoy!

      • Pengelana

        Arigatou… >_<

      • Hello =D

        You’re alive?

        • Overlord

          No, he’s dead. HSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • Shato

    Re-uploaded.. Enjoy!

  • Shato

    All Episodes are Re-uploaded.. Enjoy!

  • jay nakum

    how about last season uploading of this anime …

  • shme

    Hello 🙂 may i request for the links to be revived? everything from episode 5 is dead 🙁 i really want to watch this series since i never got to complete it in my childhood .. thank you so much! more power, a2e team! 😀

  • JustEC

    Please reupload eps 5 and above, links are dead. 🙁