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The third season of High School DxD based on the light novel series by Ichiei Ishibumi.

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Ace エース

move along...

  • ujjwal-kun

    Censored or uncensored?

    • Daze

      Question of the year lel

      • ujjwal-kun

        that’s not the answer i was expecting though but I m gonna take that as a yes?

        • http://anime2enjoy.com/ Lone7Wulf


      • http://anime2enjoy.com/ Lone7Wulf


  • stalker420

    yesssss, FFF subbing it, its mean uncensored.

    • Kayzer

      Oh so thats why ep 2 is censored? we will just wait until FFF sub release HS DxD


    why episode 2 not uncensored ?

    • reelglove

      same question…

  • Sikandar Ali

    2nd episode is censored :/

    • http://anime2enjoy.com/ Lone7Wulf

      Not anymore.

      • Sikandar Ali

        Yup.. i just downloaded.. thanks for uploading FFF subs version.. 🙂

  • http://anime2enjoy.com/ Lone7Wulf

    For the people asking, Releases by Horriblesubs will be censored, Release by FFF will be uncensored.

    • oppai daitsuki

      so, when fff release this epz (4)?? give me more opppai……

      • http://anime2enjoy.com/ Lone7Wulf

        You know, for everyone asking for FFF release WHEN IT’S NOT OUT, I will delay this.

        • oppai daitsuki

          okay ^.^ u’re the best min


    So when “FFF “will release? 🙂

    • http://anime2enjoy.com/ Lone7Wulf

      It’s released now.

      • TROOPER

        thx lonewulf

      • oppai daitsuki

        when epz 4 uncencored release????
        pleaseee give me oppaaaaaai!!! (ToT)

  • Simeon

    if i remember properly, the whole of season 1 and season 2 were aired uncensored so i was thinking it would be the same for this season. so my question here is: are the episodes released uncensored and then HorribleSubs censors them or are the episodes released censored and FFF uncensors them

    • http://anime2enjoy.com/ Lone7Wulf

      Horriblesubs doesn’t do shit. Funimation censors and sometimes cuts content from animes that are very “ecchi”. HS rips from Funimation thus the censors. FFF gets the RAW from AT-X TV rip that doesn’t censor which airs a bit later than HS version and FFF takes a bit of time to sub it.

      • http://anime2enjoy.com/ Lone7Wulf

        And yes, it airs “uncensored” in AT-X channel in japan.

        • Simeon

          Now that’s how it’s supposed to be for all ecchi anime

          • http://anime2enjoy.com/ Lone7Wulf

            For some animes, it airs uncensored in AT-X.

          • Simeon

            AT-X seems like the bomb

  • Rully Okami

    Is FFF taking a break or something? It’s already 2 latest episodes and they still hasn’t released it yet

    • http://anime2enjoy.com/ Overlord

      No. They are working on it but they are getting tired of people asking about. Leave them alone, they have real life to attend to too. And typesetting and editing is a very hard thing to do.

  • u_m_add

    the uncensored link for episode 7 still using shato format… the censored one

  • oppai

    episode 9 not 80MB but 160MB..

  • Ardi

    thanks ya.. I have been downloading till episode 7.. but why when I want to download in the episode 8 shows that host is error, offline, or something like that.. please… thx

  • servant.of.b

    ep5 is censored 🙁

  • Fro Dfrog

    Episode 5 HS censored. FFF pls

  • LerryBerry

    link dead