• JoingsterJ0k3r

    uhm yeah when I go to the site to download the file it says that I need a password to unlock the file… so I was wondering if im supposed to know the password or if something happened when you uploaded the file

    • JoingsterJ0k3r

      nevermind about my last comment I found the password… but can you re-upload the 3rd episode?

  • Deona

    episode 03 is dead…

  • MarunekoHara

    2-13 are dead :__;

  • Yato_5Yen_Noragami

    admin please fix the link for 2-13,they’re dead TT^TT

  • インドネシア語

    re upload please

  • Bob Le Blob (The Lord Of Swag)

    links are dead 🙁