• Robyn

    admin you have a wrong episode of hajime no ippo rising… instead your episode 22 is just episode 21… how did i know because i already download episode 21 thru torrent and then I download episode 22 in your website and i compare it to see if its a new episode prior to episode 21 and if its a continuation…and in my surprise that the two episodes are just the same…if i remember the real episode 22 airs next sunday… thanks

    • Asad

      thanks for report , will be fixed soon

    • Shato

      All Links – Fixed and Reuploaded – Enjoy! 😉

  • http://twitter.com/syammkamal aisarhisyam

    Thanks for uploading admin! 😀

  • Azazel D Skylar

    cant download

  • Azazel D Skylar

    the download link doesnt work