• shera

    “This link has been removed.” pls fix the links 🙁

    • Shato

      Fixed – Reuploaded in 720p BD – Enjoy! 😉

  • dai

    the sound is error, i tried eps 1-3 but all part b did not have sound.
    anybody have the same error?

  • keikoku91

    the audio eps 1-3 problem,,,
    please fix the audio,,,
    thanks shato,,,

  • Urayamu Nana Tsumi

    Audio problem…..

  • clstia

    all the episodes have broken audio . it has audio at the start and then looses it after a while .

  • ginger

    no sound pls. fix

    • http://anime2enjoy.com Shato


  • ginger

    at the middle of every episode.no sound

  • Jayjayjay

    re upload pls

    • http://anime2enjoy.com Shato

      Links fixed.. enjoy !!

      • Jayjayjay

        thanks (y)

  • Deodariel Arcadio Daongan

    thank you so much A2E! 😀

  • Geo

    part of the sound is missing.. please fix

  • Bro Izzy

    2nd half of every episode no sound at all? Fix it pls