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BD Version
GJM Episode 04
Mediafire: http://sh.st/vxdcr
MEGA: http://sh.st/vxdch
Mirrorcreator: http://sh.st/vxdcc
MultiUp: http://sh.st/vxdcQ
Solidfiles: http://sh.st/vxdcI
Tusfiles: http://sh.st/vxdcD
GJM Episode 05
Mediafire: http://sh.st/vQ5pA
MEGA: http://sh.st/vQ5pG
Mirrorcreator: http://sh.st/vQ5pB
MultiUp: http://sh.st/vQ5p3
Solidfiles: http://sh.st/vQ5p5
Tusfiles: http://sh.st/vQ5p8
GJM Episode 06
Mediafire: http://sh.st/vLmec
MEGA: http://sh.st/vLme2
Mirrorcreator: http://sh.st/vLmr0
MultiUp: http://sh.st/vLmrh
Solidfiles: http://sh.st/vLmrm
Tusfiles: http://sh.st/vLmrA
HS Episode 07
Mediafire: http://sh.st/vKpsa
MEGA: http://sh.st/vKpsz
Mirrorcreator: http://sh.st/vKpsY
MultiUp: http://sh.st/vKpsF
Solidfiles: http://sh.st/vKps7
Tusfiles: http://sh.st/vKpdy
HS Episode 08
Mediafire: http://sh.st/v7CRv
MEGA: http://sh.st/v7CRI
Mirrorcreator: http://sh.st/v7CRK
MultiUp: http://sh.st/v7CRB
Solidfiles: http://sh.st/v7CTt
Tusfiles: http://sh.st/v7CTW
HS Episode 09
Mediafire: http://sh.st/biuVk
MEGA: http://sh.st/btVk3
Mirrorcreator: http://sh.st/btVk4
MultiUp: http://sh.st/btVk5
Solidfiles: http://sh.st/btVk6
Tusfiles: http://sh.st/btVk7

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7 thoughts on “God Eater | Episode 13 | 720p | 90 MB | Download Links | [Complete]

  1. Can you encode GJM’s latest releases too..!?? A bit late but they had released up until episode 9. I’ve stopped downloading at 6 because 7++ were HS 🙁

  2. It’s just the first episode but it already has plenty of cliché moments that I hate. Vague weapon capability, glasses-guy who thinks he’s cool..so much to hate for.

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