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Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl | 電波女と青春男

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  • Fauzy

    First, the link of this anime

    and, when i click Episode 7:
    it will be redirect to here
    and you can see it’s Episode 8’s Link
    and when i click episode 8, it will be redirect to episode 9’s link

    and then, i click episode 12’s link, it’s redirect to episode 13’s link

    and this anime has 13 anime (12 TV size+1 Special)

    So i tried to check streaming animesite to see maybe episode 12 at that Download link was missname, but when i checked episode 12 in streaming site and this site, it is same O__O

    So i think Episode 7 Download Link is missing (.__. )

    Sorry for bad grammaer XD

    • Lone ローン

      It’s fixed now. 🙂

  • traitorAIZEN

    This anime has 13 episodes(including the ova) but you only have 12 links/episodes. Episode 7 is missing so the links have gone wrong from the 7th link.