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  • farshad

    Hi , PM for Episode Number 3 :
    Can not download this file. Stops on the last cent.

    • Shato

      Actually its not a problem from us — Check your net connection and Re-try!

      • law_inz

        still cant download this 🙁
        how many i tried open link for episode 1-6, still cant download
        just open this link
        please fix link

        • Shato

          Links fixed — Newly Uploaded — Enjoy! 😉

  • law_inz

    episode 1 – 6 cant download
    please fix link 🙁

    • Shato

      Episode 1 – 6 New Links — Uploaded — Enjoy!!! 🙂

  • kromjhe

    When I try to download from the above link…
    It always open this link:
    What should I do to download from the above link..
    Plz give a solution to bypass the link.

    • Shato

      New Links added — Fixed — Enjoy!! 🙂

  • Anime4Life

    Can u pls re upload the episodes that are removed

    • Shato

      All Episodes Re-uploaded — Enjoy! 🙂

  • fryzh

    is it just me or there is no subs in eps 11 ?

    • Shato

      Source file had problem — fixed now!

      • fryzh

        thankyou 🙂

  • rikka0612

    ep 13 isnt working , can u change link to to ?

  • nana

    i can’t download it , it required some password but i don’t know it

    • Syncro

      There is no password. It’s a captcha.

  • jarod

    I have watch every episodes of Black Bullet and they are amazing

    • Simeon

      True that, wonder when the next season comes out

      • jarod

        um, I wonder when

  • Deodariel Arcadio Daongan

    uhm, I hope there would be season 2 for this … unlike the Tokyo Ravens that it doesn’t have… 😀

    • Overlord

      Tokyo Ravens > Black Bullet. Fite me. Also, Tokyo Ravens doesn’t have a season 2.

      • Deodariel Arcadio Daongan

        Oh my sentence there was a little bit mistake 😀 I know my wish would not be granted as TOKYO RAVENS doesn’t have season 2 also…. They leave this anime wide and open…. ;(

  • Ryuya

    eps 10 – end links are directing to google… please fix it….

  • joey ray

    cannot dload episode 10.all links redirected to google/please fix this

  • jack

    I can’t download from episode 5. all links are direct to google. please fix it…

  • MarunekoHara

    reupload pls