• hgeronimo

    Hi, thanks for episodes.
    just wanted to let you know, episode 11 only is 15 min long. you might wanna fix it.

    thanks again.

    • Shato

      Fixed – Enjoy! 😉

  • zackidz

    episode 11 didnt complete…
    only until 16 minutes

    • Shato

      Fixed – Enjoy! 🙂

  • pontius


    Thanks for all the current season animes you have uploaded here.

    But i have a proble, I am being redirected to this site, http://cpv.li/

    I have tried both links for episode 1 but it redirects me to the site given above.

    I have also encountered this in Haikyuu and Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo returns.

    Please fix
    Thanks again

    • Shato

      All Episodes Here — Fixed ~