Animes that are DMCA’ed have been moved to Discord.
These will be updated regularly. When updated I’ll say something about it being updated in chatbox. #Kthxbye
Go over to Discord to get the links.

  • Wut Bruh?

    Ohh, thanks been looking for Tales of Zestiria the X for quite sometime now. Anyway its on Mega any possibilities in which I could download the files through Solidfiles?

  • ザクロ

    uhmm, sorry, i kinda doesnt get the point ^_^;

    • hushv

      Can you see the chatbox on the right?
      Try typing .get lls
      .get is a command

      What follows is code of the anime you want to get. You’ll automatically get a link to the….
      It’s pretty cool.

  • Meiruna Adistya

    Is it only for those 4 ?

    • A.A


  • erikkimani

    Thanx for this workaround

  • fairy hunter

    nice (:D)

  • Kira

    Hi..some links are broken for ReLife..episode 4..5..and 9

  • Rycki Azai

    link for ep 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 13of lls broken too

  • daisy

    how do i want to know the code for the anime? like the one that does not include in the examples

  • Chaff

    ReLiFE file not exist