• krigz46

    I would really appreciate it if you use vivid sub specifically for this series
    no need to rush I can wait even for a long time
    thank you shato!

    • http://anime2enjoy.com Lone ローン

      All the episodes of this anime are using Vivid subs, If you find the naming has HS in this anime, It was named wrong.

  • krigz46

    oh,my apologies then
    I was under the impression that it was from horrible subs and I’m bit picky about subs.
    BTW episodes 4 and 6 are named HS and I would recommend to change it in future releases so as to avoid confusion
    thanks for responding Lone

  • sero

    please upload again to MF. can’t download on mirrorcreator, keeps on getting blocked by my antivirus 🙁

  • magatsu13

    please reupload to mediafire 🙁 i can’t download in the other sites

  • Dirham Okta Raizal

    Sorry A.A but all the links in mirrorcreator.com and multiupload are bogus….. So I can’t dl ep 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

    • http://anime2enjoy.com Shato


  • http://anime2enjoy.com Shato

    Re-uploaded in Mediafire – Enjoy as of Today!

    • dark ichgo

      The sound is 2 audio track the original sound is broke pls fix it i try select track 2 but its fuck

      • http://anime2enjoy.com Shato

        Fixed – Sorry about the problem. Source was bad.

  • http://anime2enjoy.com Shato


  • http://anime2enjoy.com Shato


  • http://anime2enjoy.com Shato

    Audio Problem FIXED – RE Encoded from CoalGirls.
    Checked Out before posting so Enjoy. Sorry about the earlier Problem . Cheers! 🙂

  • Remedy

    Seems like the audio problem is still here, is it the link or should i use another one?